The Left-Hand Club


I turned my head quickly towards the source of the gasp. Then,

“You’re left-handed!”

Relief swept over me followed (and very immediately) by annoyance. Ever since I discovered that all I need to do is pick up a pen and start writing or doing something else, I have felt pretty much invincible.

In most cultures, the left-hand is seen as dirty or unclean, to point to, or give and take something or to simply exist being being left-handed is rude. Using the left-hand is considered a taboo unless you’re picking a dirty object or cough cough doing a certain something when you’re done using the bathroom, and although some of these standards are slowly losing ground, the concept of manners as a whole still hold and are passed down, it’s like a bad habit that can’t be done away with( I said what I said).

Folks in the left-hand club know it’s not a big deal to be left-handed, unless of course you’re ambidextrous, you’re pretty much ET at that point, otherworldly might I add.

I found out that I was left-handed under very strange circumstances, I was probably five (please don’t ask me how i know that), I reached for a morsel of fufu and what followed was a huge slap on my wrist.

Obviously my left hand was a problem, because adults would turn up their nose when you reach out for/ give something with your left hand and children didn’t know why it was a big deal. And boy did I learn quick, so quick it became second nature.

To be a part of the 10% feels good, I must admit. I am still not sure about the other “facts” about using the right side of the brain, and being more creative though.

Experts aren’t always right.

Nessa 💜

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