You cannot judge a criminal just by the color of his skin.

Black is not synonymous to violence.

Black is power; a movement.

The black man is a story and a journey of how we were enslaved, oppressed and freed.

Were we really freed?

Our fathers had a dream and it looks like the world has forgotten.

For us, those dreams are very much alive.

We dream of the day when we will have the same rights and privileges us the other man.

Where we won’t be denied a job because of our hair.

Where we won’t be the primary suspects at every crime scene or just be suspects for going about our daily lives when truly we are the victims.

We are not all thugs and hoes.

We are also doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians, environmentalists, human rights activists, accountants, entrepreneurs and so on.

All lives matter, but right now the black life is more at risk.

That is why we say; BLACK LIVES MATTER ✊🏿.

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