To fall off the face of the earth, means there’s nothing, absolutely nothing you can do about your salvation, or the lack thereof, nothing at all, it’s either Heaven or Hell, we’re bounded by Grace, and therefore an opportunity to live out that salvation, and there’s a waging war, it’s not a war between people, it’s between principalities, of which your soul is at stake, have you realized? It’s not about who is the most spiritual, or who posts the most Bible verses, I’m telling you, it’s not about who is able to win thousands of souls, or ten, it’s not about who can type out a whole message in their pjs sitting on the couch in the living room while it’s pouring rain, it’s not about who knows thousands of Bible verses, it’s not about who says, “it’s not about who…”

Every believer may or may not be trying to fix their heart, and it’s not, «wow, God has forgiven me so I won’t have any problems . » Lies. It’s just the beginning. Cheers🥂

You can reach me on my ig if you want to talk,
ig: nessa.the.finesser

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