Negative Vibrations =/= Me

Siphoning energies, destroying character, helping you to form a mindset about people in general,

Negative vibrations are not a farce of some sort, neither are they another psychologist’s way of being thrown into the spotlight again,

So there are, people who steal, and help you reel from loss,people who are aggravated by your little successes, and yet have exaggerated your stories to others,

Do you question every acquaintanceship, every friendship, every situationship,

Are you seeing the picture now? Negative vibrations do exist, don’t refuse to see it for what it is, if you choose to keep certain friendships, because “you can’t do without them,” or “you have a whole history together,” then I don’t know who needs to hear this but that relationship is toxic,

Letting go is yet being open to every one is an extreme sport but,

I hope that we will or already have found people who will resonate with us vibe-wise.



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