Most people entered into 2020 with an appetite of hope and enthusiasm. It was another year to redeem ourselves, for some it still is.

2020 started off great, despite loosing some well known personalities. It was business as usual. However, since March, things have never been the same again and I wonder if it ever will be. I have never experienced anything like this before. Schools are closed indefinitely so are churches and social gatherings, some businesses have shut down and others have their employees working from home.

Initially, I was okay with the changes since I needed a break. Now, a want to go to church. I want my friends back in school so they can write their exams. There’s a lot I want.

In all this, there is a silver lining. I like that our roads are very free. It’s refreshing to see less vehicle on our roads. Previously, passengers of public transport could just pick their nose, sneeze and cough without caring who is beside them. Thanks to the nose mask, I barely see anyone cough or spit anyhow. These are the things I would not want to change.

We can be truly independent, if we are willing to make the necessary sacrifices. We can be better, we can do better each and everyone of us. Let’s not leave it all to government. 2020 has thrown us lemons; hard rock lemons, let’s make one mean lemonade from it.

I will cheers 🥂to that.

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