I don’t intend on belittling covid19 and all it scares. Indeed we are in unusual times. However, I am very grateful for this two weeks lockdown.

We are prone to chase all other things and neglect those little things that actually gives us internal peace and joy. If this pandemic has thought us anything, it’s that all those things we chase and prioritize over ourselves and relationships are not really worth it.

In this two weeks lockdown, I will have undivided attention when praying and having my quiet time since I don’t have to be under pressure of being late to work or having my quiet time in traffic. I will be able to eat well; three times a day which I haven’t been able to do in a while. Now I have enough time to workout and keep fit. I most certainly won’t survive this lockdown without some good movies.

Two weeks will come by fast, use this time to find yourself again. Do not take anything or anyone for granted. Life is too short to be unhappy. Please don’t forget the reason for the lockdown; stay home and stay safe.

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