Dear Corona,

I heard you were killing people and stuff, what’s up with that?
I don’t feel safe outside anymore, Everyone is looking at everybody else suspiciously,
I’m afraid they might send me home if I cough,
People are taking advantage of other people because of you, Corona,
My own mother coughed and I gave her the Melania Trump look,
Clearly, this is the height of it, you’ve got me more scared than a white girl at a predominantly black neighbourhood,

All these measures, wash your hands when you get on AND off public transport, wear nose masks, do social distancing (whatever that means), use hand sanitizers frequently, I feel like I have OCD,

Now you’ve got schools and places of worship closed down, people aren’t even in the streets anymore, there aren’t even traffic jams anymore, what was initially supposed to take you two hours to get to your destination now takes you thirty minutes, it’s unreal, it doesn’t feel right…

The human movement restriction is killing many of us,
Please go away sooner, so life gets better, easier, goes back to normal, Corona,

Yours frenemy,

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