A Moment of Silence. R.I.P

We pay our last respect to all the permed hair that are now natural. The perming cream is expensive right? Oh! Poor you, it burnt your scalp.

To all the natural hair that is now permed, R.I.P. Your kinky was the stubborn heavy type wasn’t it?

Let’s observe a moment of silence for all the hair that has completely been chopped off, whether permed or natural.

You’ve had enough of it haven’t you. Now you understand your hair doesn’t define you. Well done!

It’s only January but a lot of New Years resolutions have already been buried. R.I.P to all the weight gain or loss goals,

Chasing your dreams, self development, etcétera. Buck it! Who needs new years resolutions? Well……….don’t cry on 31st December.

2020 is an election year in a number of countries. R.I.P in advance to the parties that will loose, the votes that would be spoiled, those that will be wasted and those votes that won’t be casted at all.

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