What will your partner do in the Big Brother House?

Any Big Brother House is not utopia. In actual fact it is the perfect example of survival of the fittest not in physical strength but mental.

I joined the train of the recently ended Big Brother Naija train a bit latter but I got hooked and glued. My inspiration for this write up are Mike and Seyi. Mike was a married man in the house(he still is) and Seyi was in a committed relationship.

In spite of the constant temptations glaring at them 24/7 they never wavered. Mind you these batch of ladies came with goods and on top of that they had minimal clothes on. This got me thinking, would my partner survive like Mike and Seyi? Would yours survive?

My imaginative mind tells me my ideal partner would not survive the temptations. He will get an F for Flirting when it is Saturday night and Tacha starts to twerk in the club, he would be right behind her, bumping and grinding. Oh! And he won’t stop there he will walk around in his boxers 24/7. He will get so many strikes because he can’t follow simple instructions. He will surely get an A for avoiding drama but he will get into trouble for not washing his plates after using them.

That’s it for me, no partner of mine will go into any big brother house, I can’t risk it! Unless it’s the single sex edition.

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