The key to a successful marriage

Yeah yeah I know I am not married but I think I finally got the key to a successful marriage. I cracked the code y’all.

It is very simple. When you are married you shouldn’t have single friends or let me rephrase that and say your married friends should be more than your single friends. When you have friends who are at the same stage as you and experiencing things similar to yours it makes everything a little bit better. You have something in common to talk about that you can really relate to. It gets even better when your married friends are like a group of friends where the wives can separate themselves from the husbands to talk and vice versa more like a support group; you can have couples game night ecetera.

I know there are other major factors to a successful marriage but I was just thinking if you are a group of say four married couples and the wives get pregnant around the same time, it will be so fun to have people going through the same thing as you. I mean the men can talk about how their wives nag and crave for ridiculous things, they will have no room to think they are missing out on something.

This to me is the key.

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