This is a true life story with a dose of fiction that gives just the right portion of stress relief for a Monday morning.

But really could this be love?

It was a Valentine’s Day service and the preacher asked the congregation to turn to the person seated next to them and say, “I love you”. Kwame and Ama turned simultaneously to each other and said those magic words. As the sermon continued, Kwame stepped out of the hall leaving his belongings to the care of Ama.

A couple of minutes later, Kwame returned to the church hall, without taking his seat, taps Ama over the shoulder and asks if he could talk to her outside. Ama being the sweet girl that she is, gets out of her seat as she makes her way out of the church hall.

Hi, my name is Kwame, what’s yours? I am Ama. Nice to meet you, Kwame said. I brought you outside because I wanted you to know that when the preacher asked that we tell our neighbor I love you, I really meant it. It was like the preacher was in my head. This could only be the work of the Holy spirit. The spirit is telling me you are my wife and I just had to let you know.

Ama in total shock stood with her jaws dropped as Kwame asked her to say something. I am in a relationship, she replied. Kwame asked, are you certain he will marry you? Yes, we’ve talked about it; replied Ama. The spirit is telling me you are my wife, can I have your number as he hands over his phone to Ama. She types her number and returns Kwame’s phone.

Church service was still in session while all this transpired. Kwame asked Ama to return to the church hall and that they will talk more when the service is over.

Ama, however, went home without seeing Kwame. Kwame called her phone severally but there was no answer.

So, could this really be love?

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