Slavery, black oppression by whites.

Modern day slavery, where black minds with white skin commit injustice to their fellow blacks.

Are we our brother’s keeper or are we just pretending?

Did we ever learn or do we have short memory?

Inhumane treatment to humans.

Does the sacrifices and toil of our founding father’s bare no weight?

Was it all for nothing?

Africa, are we one?

Did we come this far to take ten steps back?

There is an Africa I know and there is an Africa that is.

There is an Africa I wish to see.

That Africa Nkrumah dreamt of.

Where we can truly be Africans; no distinguishing Nigeria, Ghana,Kenya, Ethiopia, Liberia or Libya.

An African union, standing together as one to breakdown barriers and take a stand for our freedom and liberation.

A united front to reclaim our dignity and pride.

Oh! That day, when at the mention of Africa, there will be no association to poverty, malaria, corruption, war or crime.

And Africa will not be a synonym for the man with a black skin.

We are Africa, Africa is us. 

Let us be the change we wish to see.

Together as one, United States of Africa.

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