How my love found me.

If a prophet had told me this would be my love, I would have called him out as false. Growing up, right from when I could say mama, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer. In my little innocent eyes, I was either going to be a lawyer or nothing else. My desire was so strong that my family began calling me lawyer, barrister and so on.

Fast forward to my teenage years, after junior high, the senior high school I gained admission to offered me business. My dad knew I wanted to be a lawyer so I needed to read arts instead. He did all he could to get me out of the business class but looking back, fate kept me in business.

Now, I was a bright student. I mean I tried and worked very hard because I was no Einstein, however mathematics was never my strong suit. I will often get A’s and B’s but when it came to mathematics……..(I ain’t telling). I grew a phobia for mathematics. Surprisingly, I was very good in accounting which was strange to me because I always thought it was related to mathematics.

I completed high school with very good grades except mathematics which made my grades look stupid. In pursuit of my tertiary education, I knew I will thrive far away from mathematics and everything related to it. My dad was late at the time and the father figures I had made my mum aware that I would be better of pursuing accounting and she fell for it. They weren’t wrong though. Then again I wasn’t Professor Allotey but I kicked butts in school. I tutored some of my close friends, some even copied my work. Shoutouts to y’all.

After tertiary I got the opportunity to do my national service still in an accounting related position, I did good since that’s what I do(don’t mean to brag)but I was not excited, I tried not to be interested. My supervisor did his best in mentoring me but I wasn’t ready to be mentored in that regard.

When it was time to apply for actual jobs, I did my best to stay clear from all accounting related positions. I actually got a great job as a marketing executive in a well known company but it became my nightmare even before I could start.

I was strong but my love was stronger. I found myself pursuing a professional course in accounting, got a job in the accounts department and now I am looking forward to becoming a bad ass accountant.

The end.

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