Forget the slay, we pray!

Look past our slay and know we pray.

We slay because of our pray.

Forget the prejudice and the pretty.

The layers of makeup, the inches of our heels, the colors of our nails and the length.

We go down on our knees, clapping our hands and giving praise.

Letting go of the outer and seeking the inner.

Inner strength, peace and joy.

It’s not all about the glam squad.

There is a firing squad.

The squad that fires behind close doors.

Worshiping and proclaiming His finished works.

Forget the slay and know we pray.

Beneath the wigs and fake lashes,

The powder and lipstick,

The cologne and the jewelry,

And all that’s fancy,

Is a heart that connects to the creator.

In humble adoration,

Bowing down to worship the source of our slay.

Forget the slay and know our hope is not in the slay neither is our joy.

The slay is the result of our pray for we are not lucky, we are blessed.

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