It’s in human nature to deliberately cause pain or discomfort to others without thinking of future repercussion. In that moment, all the offender thinks of is their self interest.

I assume we all have been victims of this situations. In my case, I do not let the offenders go scot free. For my payback , I intentionally plan my revenge in the most painful way. I have done this for a while that it became part of me. Even when I don’t plan, or I think I have let go, someway, somehow, I find myself retaliating.

Until recently, I grew up and decided to be the bigger person and just let go of the pettiness. I realised I was only doing Karma’s work. Karma is very good at what it does. It is very tactical. Not too soon and neither too late. Just at the perfect time, it serves you with a taste of your own medicine. It knows the exact dosage needed to inflict the required amount of pain.

Why soil your hands with revenge? Let karma do your dirty work for you.

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