Not a feeling,

Not an emotion.

A choice of mind,

A state of heart,

A deliberate decision of commitment.

Love redefined; void of the sex yardstick.

Rid of the biology and chemistry of bodily attraction.

True mutual understanding.

Not the "I love you " when everything goes your way.

That is selfishness defined.

I love you because I choose to love you.

In spite of all your flaws and ugly skeletons that only darkness reveals.

Even at your lowest, when I can't gain off you.

In your most disgusting state.

Not that I am blind.

Not that there is none better,

But because I chose to love you.

Love redefined.

Days I can't stand you,

Your face I wish not see,

And every memory I wish to erase,

There and even then, I remember I chose to love you.

This love is not for only good and fun times,

When all is laughter and smiles,

Toasting and cheers.

But even when you fail me,

When you forget my very existence,

When you shatter my hope and all I love you for,

When you bring out the tears from my eyes,

When I loose myself and all I stand for,

When all I want to do is punch you in the face and rip out every strand of hair from your scalp,

Even then, I pause and remember I chose to love you.

Love redefined.

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