Your muscles and vigor does not make you a symbol of crime.

You are brave but innocent,

You are not a weapon of destruction,

Your are an epitome of strength and valour,

Your are courageous in all your ways.

The pride of your clan,

A warrior and shield,

A force to be reckoned with.

Let not your heart be swayed,

Let them not sell you a lie,

Let them not have you in the palm of their hands.

Young black boy.

You are a young bud yet to blossom,

A priceless jewel you are.

Young black boy.

You are a protector and not a predator,

You are a savior and not a slave.

Stay true to your convictions,

Let your heritage be your pride,

And have it on your shoulder,

Lest it dies and be forgotten.

Young black boy, be a ray of shinning light,

Paving a path that will linger on.


Art credit: Pinterest  & Ryan Hewett.

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