Your curves and bossoms does
not make you a symbol of promiscuity.
You are not less of a woman
because of the texture of your 
hair or the colour of your skin.
Neither are you inferior to a
man because of your upbringing.
You are not a household accessory.
But the pride of your kinsmen.
Your steps are glorious and your 
speech seasoned.
Your beauty radiates and blessed
are your handworks.
You are unstoppable and relentless
with your dreams.
Compassion and love defines you.
Young black girl, you have so
much potential than you give 
yourself credit for.
Young black girl has much
capabilities beyond measure.
Young black girl is strong and
Young black girl has a voice 
and influence.
A voice that ought to be heard.
A voice that causes change.
A change that is transgenerational.
Young black girl, let no one tell
you otherwise,
Let no one sell you a lie.
Without a doubt you are priceless.
A fine gem you are.
Hold yourself in high esteem.
Lest time goes by and you can't redeem.

Art by: Salaam Muhammed.

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