Am sure my loyal and dedicated followers know by now that I don’t blog on weekends but today is rather an exception. I just can’t contain my joy and excitement. I am going to be a momma. Yepee!

I got engaged privately earlier this year, it was a very intimate one between our families. Recently I have been craving for foods that I haven’t eaten in a long time and I get tired easily but I thought it was normal or I was under stress and because I am anti- hospital, I didn’t feel the need to go see a doctor until it got out of hand and my better half had to personally take me to the hospital. It was then that I realised that I am four weeks pregnant. It has always been a dream of my to have a child of my own. A little cute  and adorable munchkin and finally its a dream come true for me. I just can’t wait to embark on this nurturing journey and satisfy all my cravings.

The fun part is I can boss my behalf around as much as I want because its my season. Yeeeeehaaaa!

If you are still reading this and haven’t realised it is April fools, Congrats. And if this is your first time here, shame on you for coming here because of gossip, feel free to explore better blog post.

Happy new month my afrodites.

Love, Afro bae.

Leave your comments and reactions in the comments section.

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