Oh how sweet is it to see, smell and taste food. That is my dream come true, yum, yum.


Garden egg stew is the cousin of kontomire stew. They go through the same preparation process and use the same ingredients too.

Garden egg stew is really easy to prepare and very healthy and tasty too but most importantly, easy on your pocket.



Here’s some quick steps to get that tasty garden egg stew. Wash egg plant in salt solution, cut off the green heads and slightly divide the garden eggs into halves but not completely; this is done  so the garden egg can cook all through. Boil the garden eggs for 15minutes. Remove the skin and seeds from the egg plant and set aside. Heat palm oil or vegetable oil in a cooking pot for about  3minutes. Dice onions and fry. Add blended pepper, garlic and ginger and let simmer. Add a little tomato paste for thickness but that is optional. Add sliced or blended tomatoes and let simmer for some minutes. Add salt and seasoning to taste. It is time  to add your source of protein, preferably fish. Mash earlier boiled garden eggs, add to sauce and stir. Allow to  simmer for some few minutes and voilà your garden egg sauce is ready to travel down your stomach.


This sauce is best served with boiled yam, plantain, cocoyam or rice.

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