18673dfa0e89c1a93079e11599f007f6Trying to imagine how life would be without food but i just can’t.

If you think Africans do not have desserts and snacks of their own, then think again.

We have a vase array of desserts and snacks made from our local foodstuffs. Today, I will be talking of a snack that is everyone’s favourite. That is, roasted plantain a.k.a “kofi brokeman”.

Roasted plantain is just as the name implies. It is basically plantain that is roasted. The plantain could be ripe, unripe or semi ripened. Roasting plantain can be a bit tricky, if care is not taken, it might end up charred or half cooked.

In order to get it right, roast the plantain under moderate heat and turn the sides frequently to allow the plantain to cook  evenly.



Roasted plantain is enjoyed with groundnuts or peanuts. Others also prefer grounded pepper or tomato sauce.

Want a quick fix snack? You might want to try roasted plantain.

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