We were young and clueless
Filled with drive and all about 
We were young and spotless
Free from the toxic toxins that 
pollutes the soul
We were young and fearless
Nothing anyone said or did could 
limit us.

Bound by a bond,
Inseparable duo,
Ties that bind,
Transcends flesh and blood,
Ties that bind,

Unbreakable, the ties that bind
Till death do us part
Black or white or black and white
You or me or me and you
All for one and one for all
Genuine and unadulterated is the
Ties that bind.

Ties that bind
Memories of the past, laughter 
and tears shared
Down and up times
Experiences experienced together
Every moment becomes golden
Even silence is cherished
Every second becomes worthwhile
The ties that binds us.

Ties that bind
A bond between two
A connection without fuse
Companionship that is true
Me and you
Ties that bind.

We are old and wise
We will grow grey someday
We are old and with spice
We will get better as the 
days go by
We are old and still entice
We will get even better like fine

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