When all is said and done,
And there isn't more to do,
When breathe falls short,
And strength waver,
May I not go down in the record 
books as a wealthy man.
No, never!

There are a collection of dreams,
Some small and others mighty.
Despite this,
I don't dream to amass wealth,
It really is vanity.
I don't dream to see my name in light,
Neither do I want to be a member of 
the young, rich and mighty.

I dream of the smallest things in the 
biggest way,
To touch lives one person at a time.
To mend broken hearts, one piece after
the next.
Engrave my name in the minds and 
hearts of many.
Leaving my prints on the sands of time.
Be a blessing to my community, country 
and posterity.
A dream that makes dreams of many a 
It's a cycle,
Life cycle,
Or better yet, a dream cycle.
Dream chain!

Do not contradict this,
This dream, isn't to wallow in poverty,
Neither is it about living from hand to 
God forbid.
It is a dream for the love of humanity.
A dream that isn't selfish or self seeking.
Not to acquire wealth and hoard it.
But wealth with a purpose.
That child, who yerns to school but has
No hope of ever sitting in a classroom.
The widow, who is struggling to look
after her kids.
That youth with an idea but cannot fund it.
A dream to make that of others a reality.
To cause a ripple effect.
One drop after the next.
Like little drops of water makes a mighty
Likewise, simple acts of kindness makes
the world a better place.

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