African prints is one of the many prides of Africa. In Nigeria it is called “Ankara” and in Ghana “Ntoma”.

In the past, African prints were mostly worn by the elderly and for specific occasions. The black and white prints are mostly for funerals likewise the red and black, blue and white for outdooring of new born babies (naming ceremony) and so on.

Back in the day, there weren’t much versatility in the styles and designs of the prints. The colors were very dull with very boring sequence. Patronage was more by the old and married folks.

Fast forward to the new era. African Prints is now the new cool; from colours to sequences to designs, the African print is trending. Fashion designers have been very creative over the years by incorporating African prints into Western designs. Young and old, men and women are rocking the prints like nobodies business.

African celebrities are also championing the course. All you see on the red carpets off late are gowns and suits in print. Shoes, bag, and other accessories are made from African prints and the prints business is booming.

We Africans love our fashion today, thanks to our African prints.



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