When Prices Go Up After Prices Have Already Gone Up.

This is not a political piece by any means. It is beyond a reasonable doubt that they have used it to inject our eyes*.

The quantity of tomatoes worth five Ghana cedis makes me want to scavenge my life away in the wild. Get me my spear and I’ll get to it. While I scavenge, make a fire. Keep it going even when it wants to die out, much like the remnant of my faith living in this “kentry”.

And one may ask, “What do YOU bring to the table then? What role are you playing?” Armchair critic-turned-scavenger?” and you will be right. However I would like to dispel the notion that I am an armchair critic. Just yesterday I picked a “trotro” from not far off into Westland to Benab Oil near Forestry Commission and I was charged Ghc2.50p. So yes, I move around on occasion. I also do not own an armchair. Those are for geriatrics.

The onslaught of the increase in fuel prices is much like a train wreck. You just can’t look away. And if you can I applaud you. Our priorities are skewed in this “kentry” anyway. We have also learnt that children are trafficked, bribes are taken, justice is often perverted but you had better not receive something with your left hand. What will happen to you differs from region to region.

Nessa ❤️

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