Tried and doesn’t feel like True

If I was to ever wait for a perfect time to create something out of what God has freely given me, I’d wait my whole life.

And there she was, happy and broken all at the same time, little did she know that God was a Potter moulding his clay, in that moment nothing felt right, nothing felt okay,

Have you ever run in circles, skin deep in your sin, not a friend or a foe to confide in?

I learnt it the hard way but still faking control because I forgot that I was serving the One

Who quickly reminded me before I completely lost my soul and everything that there was to hold onto all the while thinking how far can I go?

I don’t mean to be a bother but I really need you, God. Every hour, everyday, to stay in your Spirit,

For now I’ll keep fighting and pressing my way through with Luke 9:23, that I may not be lukewarm but that I’ll be filled with your Spirit to the very end.

Nessa 💜

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