Sweet Nettins

when you’re whispering sweet nettins,

remember that i am a sucker for them,

your words, so much having the semblance of butter, sometimes sweet as sugar,

other times your words are deep like coconut-covered chocolate,


but when i find out that there is someone else,

someone else taking my place,

it’s goodbye forever,

if you could simply tell me flavorful things, why can’t you tell me the truth?

truly the sight of you leaves me constipated now,

i can’t sleep at night,

crying for hours and hours in the bathroom,

deep intakes of breath make me feel worse,

i can barely stomach anything, as i am full from anger, pain, stress…

from me,

To: the many loaves of bread that have come and gone❤️

send help for my bread addiction pls thnx🙂

Nessa ❤️

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