How I Became A Morning Person And Other Things That Never Happened.

Alarm goes off,

Hit snooze. Again. Another 9 minutes (which feels like 2 minutes),

If my alarm could throw hands:

My little manger becomes just a little bit more comfortable, I turn my pillow and bury my face into the cooler side. Must wake up now…zzz

I throw the covers over myself, turn on my left side as it starts to drizzle,

Someone is calling my name? in the distance? God? Is that you?

No, it’s my mother,

But by now the 2nd part of my dream has started, and I’m far too gone now,

Stretch, yawn, turn to my right side, sleep, repeat,


“Here I am O Lord, your humble servant is listening”,

“Wake up, the sun is up”

Not the Lord again.

(Not me sleeping late and calling myself a non-morning person💀)

Thanks for reading!❤️


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