2021 Must Have 2.0

I hope you found the part one of 2021 must haves useful.

We can’t live this year as passively as we have the previous years. I really want us to win this year, no matter how small. I want our lives to count for something. This is why I am choosing to be more purpose driven with what I post. If you missed the first part of 2021 must haves, here is a link to that 2021 MUST HAVES

Here are a few habits I want to share;

Optimistic Attitude

Attitude is everything more so an optimistic one. We tend to focus on impossibilities and a million reasons why we can’t do something. It is easier to complain but nothing good ever comes from doing so. There is a solution to every situation and the first step to finding the solution is having the right attitude; believing that there is a way out. The mind is a powerful tool, it can be for good or for destruction depending on your thought process and pattern. You can do anything you put your mind to.


A journal is something I think everyone must have. You can use the Notes app on your phone or download one if your phone doesn’t have one, you can also have a pocket sized notepad if you are still fascinated by handwritten notes. We sometimes have ideas or thoughts that comes to mind but because we don’t put them down in writing we forget them. This happens to me a lot. I get ideas for blog post or poetry write ups at random places and time and instead of typing it out, I memorize them with hopes of not forgetting them. When an idea is just in your head and not documented, it sometimes looks ambiguous and unachievable. The first step of bringing an idea to life is having it written or typed out. You would be surprised to know that once you have the thought on record, more will come to you.

Keep moving, keep striving and keep winning.

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