Accountability Partner

Year in year out, we set goals. It may be something as little as eating three times daily or something as serious as starting your own business, whatever it is, you need to be accountable.

We have the tendency of lying to ourselves and giving excuses for not doing what we said we will do. 2021 is still young, however we can’t keep letting the days go by without actively pursuing our goals.

I believe every individual has at least one person who can tell them the absolute truth without any reservations. Let’s have them hold us accountable. We can’t keep saying we will do something and have it end there. It’s about time we back up the talk with actions.

Before you get an accountability partner, you should be receptive to criticisms because they will have to be very honest with you and you with them. Whatever goal you seek to achieve, you must have a valid reason or expectation which will drive you. You should not set goals for the fun of it, that will defeat the purpose.

In choosing your accountability partner, it should be someone who genuinely has your best interest at heart, not someone who doesn’t care much about you or your cause. On your lowest days, you will need them to motivate and remind you on why you set those goals.

Keep striving, keep moving and never loose hope.

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