The Bow Out.

This is where we take a bow,

Receive the applause and the curtains close.

The end of a chapter.

But the story will continue on separate pages.

Mistakes were made,

Lessons were learnt.

We knew it will end someday,

What we did not know was when.

Time changes, so do people.

Do your best, expect the worst.

At the end of the day, what will be will be.

There are no regrets when you know you fought a good fight.

Tap out and bow out when you are sure you have given your all.

Exit before you loose yourself to the wolves.

When it’s no longer worth your while, bow out to nurse your wounds and heal your soul.

To bow out is not easy but necessary.

Bow out when the applause are high,

When the crowd still chants your name.

In all your glory, look around, take a sigh and bow out.

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