Fear woman and save your life

This saying has been in existence for as long as I can remember, probably for more than my life span but I never gave it any deep thought until today seeing the inscription behind a taxi.

Fear woman and save your life; who thought of this and why. There is no doubt these words are from a man but what did the woman behind this quote do to this man to inspire it.

I am a woman and that is enough grounds for me to speak for all women. Women are harmless as doves until they are treated unfairly at least on three counts; yeah, we are that generous. Hell knows no fury like a woman’s scorn, now that is a true statement. A woman will treat you like a king if you treat her like the queen she is, and even when she is treated lesser than she ought to she still gives you the respect that you deserve until it becomes overwhelming and she feels neglected or being taken for granted.

The right saying should be if you want to save your life, treat a woman like the treasure she is. We have so much expectation for woman and yet they are given the least priority.

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