On any given day, we would love some good home cooked meal but with all the pressures of life, we resort to quick fixes or fast food.

Thanks to the lockdown, we have time to cook and eat healthy right from breakfast through dinner. Don’t just eat anything, eat well, treat your taste buds to different flavours. I find myself craving for food I have not eaten in ages and I am on a quest to satisfy all of those cravings.

Being under lockdown is bad enough, don’t eat with a frown on your face, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Even if it’s just gari you have, there are different ways you can eat that, you don’t always have to drink ‘soakings’.

Tweak your leftovers. Turn that leftover white rice and stew into jollof rice. Fry some yams with hot grounded pepper. Are you craving for ice cream? Freeze some bananas, blend them with some milo, cocoa powder or milk no sugar please and freeze it again.

Whatever ingredients you have, you can make magic happen. Need help? Hit me up or ask Google and Pinterest.

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