Mind your Journey

One can easily get distracted these days with so many social apps that are ruling the day. We can barely live without them and they seem to eat our time. Nothing seem to escape social media as it has replaced traditional media and even the police station. It is normal to video crime for social media rather than report to the police.

Everyone is in everyone’s business and there is freedom to say or do whatever. It is easy to take happenings on these social apps as normal but we forget it’s not that real. You can see old colleagues living a good life or bagging academic accomplishments and become depressed. Just mind your Journey. Do not despise humble beginnings. We tend to focus on what everyone else is doing and we forget our own dreams. You see “influencers” living a good life and you think you also have to be an influencer. It doesn’t work like that.

You should be motivated to pursue your personal dreams and know it is possible rather than becoming a copy cat. Social media is supposed to be a tool and not a weapon there is a difference between the two.

There is room for everyone. Life is not a competition but a journey. Mind your Journey.

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