Ottoman’s Reverie “Fanciful, impractical.”

           Benignly intriguing thoughts running through my head, some taking me as far as into another dimension,

          My reality is telling me no, but my fantansies are telling me yes, yes, for the heck of it, and everywhere I turn is a painful reminder, of how it all started, how it all came to be,

          Even when I lock myself away, the flashbacks haunt me,

           When I slumber, I have nightmares, so there is no escape route, I can’t find my way around or my way out,

            Even when I try to tell Life to “stick to the script,” it goes through one ear, and comes out through the other,

            That’s how we’re going about it now? I say, more so to myself than to Life,

             You can keep me in suspense, Life, but do not sit back and let my fears and anxieties consume me,

             I’m not myself anymore, I can’t blame anyone, yet I can, otherwise I’ll cut myself with my thoughts,

             It gets a tad bit messy sometimes, especially when I can’t stop myself,

             Let me know when you’re done messing me up, until then I’ll be here, lips sealed, arms f

olded, with my heart in my throat, moving only when you do.    


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