Sex Sells?

I don’t deny that I am a feminist, nonetheless, I am not your typical feminist. My stance is not to say that women are better than men or that what men can do, women can do it better neither is it my goal to emasculate men.

My feminism is more towards how women are sexually exhibited. I am appalled by it, I can’t stand it so I have to talk about it. In this day and age, the marketing slogan that I am yet to find in any marketing manual or textbook is “sex sells”. This is the flimsy excuse for which women are demoralized and reduced to sex objects.

My question of the day. Is it only women that have sex? This question is in no reference to the LGBTQ community. I am strictly referring to straight people. I believe it takes a man and a woman to have sex. If that is truly the case, why do we exhibit only half clothed females in music videos while the men are over clothed. Sometimes the lyrics of the song has absolutely nothing to do with anything sexual and you still find ladies in the music video dancing in an obscured way.

The second part of my frustration; female musicians. If it takes a man and a woman to have sex and you are saying “sex sells”, why do you, a female musician singing about sex have fellow females half clothed in your music videos including your very self. Are you a lesbian? Where are all the male models, did they die?

Artistes, video directors, song writers, bloggers, all creators and entertainers, sex sells is the cheapest and easiest way out. These video vixens are also taking the easiest way out because they have to eat but at the expense of something. No one pisses me off than Lord paper having a lady in your video in panties where you see her butt. There is barely a meaningful correlation between the song and the video. I bet he wouldn’t dare have his sister in such a video and let’s just say that were to be his mum back in the day, he will be disgusted. Now in this technology day and age, these videos will live forever and to think television stations air them at noon is another topic for another day.

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