Level up

Keep your chin up even when your spirit is down,

When you feel like you got the weight of the world on your shoulders, with your legs all feeble and wobbly,

Quitting looks like the only option left,

Level up!

See troubles come but neither do they last nor end.

Life is an obstacle course.

You have got to build your muscles to overcome every challenge.

You have what it takes to win this.

Level up!

Someone is going to win and another is going to loose, make sure you win.

Yes it’s not that easy but it’s possible.

Let this be your anthem.

You are a fighter not a quitter.

You are strong and not weak.

You are capable and not incapable.

You deserve all that is good.

Psych your mind, feed your soul, guard your heart.

Level up!

Celebrate your victories, learn from and accept your failures.

You are not a failure just because you failed.

When you are down, don’t stay down.

Level up.

You are not in competition with anyone,

The goal is self improvement.

Level up.

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