Remember Me

Lights off, road blocks and 
times up.
At the edge of the cliff, the
end honking.
Heart stops, blood clots,clock
stops and death knocks.
Remember me.

Remember me for my passion.
Those things I hold dear.
The very things that fueled 
my drive.
All that I stand for.

Remember me for all that's 
Those things I said and did 
to make you laugh.
The very things you loved me for.
All the crazy jokes and silly

Remember me for my love.
Those things I did for the good
of others.
The very things I lived for.
All the compassion for humanity.
Remember me.

I say remember me not because I
fear to be forgotten.
Not because I fear to loose my
Remember me because I don't want 
my works to end with me.
Remember me because nothing
changes in my absence.
You're still breathing.
Remember me so the good deeds
Remember me to keep hope alive.
Remember me so your heart does
not go cold.
Remember me and live.

Live to do more than I could ever do.
Let the dream continue,
Let not this fire quench.
There is more to be said and done.
There are more whose hope needs to be restored.
Remember me and carry on the good work.

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