Life will suck so bad without friends. Now, there are friends, and there are friends. You know what I mean, don’t you?

I have made friends in my lifetime but only a handful I still regard as my friends. For me, my friends are like family. This dude you see has been my friend for the longest time. We fight, bicker and then we move on; after some time though. He is supportive and loyal and that’s why is is my friend.

Now this pretty miss who gives guys a hard time is one of my loyal bees.

We sat in class together for three years. We don’t talk often but we got each other’s back. She is a very loyal friend and she is not petty, like most female friends are.

I am thankful for the first halves of my most loyal friends.

Still counting down to Christmas. 19 days more. #Thankful.

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