Dear 2017, as you are packing your luggage for the 11:59pm flight, I am taking stock of all that transpired during the year.

2017, for me you were good not great, just good. I am not where I envisioned to be, however, I am not where 2016 left me either.

I have had some great accomplishments and some disappointments but altogether, it has been a great journey and a lifetime of lessons.

To say farewell is hard but it must be done. You will not be forgotten, memories of you will be in my heart.

Thank you for the friends I lost and those I gained. Thank you for the relationships that got stronger and those that got weak. Thank you for the opportunities that came my way and those I missed. I am a better person than a year ago, and I am thankful for living through your days.

Adios, 2017.

Yours truly,


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