This friend of mine is one of my loyal readers and he requested that I write something about him.

Aside the fact that he is a thorn in my flesh, he really is a good guy. So, how can I refuse?

There is one thing I am not quite sure if I love or hate about him and that is the fact that regardless of what he is going through or how bad you treat him, he never looses his cool. That irritates me sometimes because I will fume at the slightest provocation. Dude learn how to get angry, it’s a necessity.

He is also one of those rare people who laugh at everything even when there is no cause for laughter. I kind of wonder if his default setting is on laughter.

Kwesi, there you have it, request granted. “You know we like you, *coded*”.

NB: I love you all and I will do same for you if  you ask me. *winks*

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