We all go through life with one problem or the other. Funny enough the problems never end, so we end up solving one problem after the next and we tend to lose sight of the importance and meaning of life.

From my years of existence I have come to realise that problems are totally normal and concentrating too much on the negative can scar you and make you bitter. Why live life like some C.I.D agent, constantly searching for answers, clues and what not.

When next you are faced with challenges, don’t dwell too much on them cause problems don’t last. Take time and smell the roses, be happy. Smile, laugh at yourself if you have to or use photo grid like I did, lol. Do things that make you happy and fulfilled as an individual. A life with regret is no life at all. Let your hair down and let your problems know they can’t have the best of you. You are way more important than your problems.

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