What do you do when you have a partner who makes you do all the work?

The word is relationship not “self-lationship”. You might as well be single than carry all the workload of a relationship in addition to whatever personal issues that you may be having.

Some will argue that with time the person will come around, they will change. Bla! Bla!! Bla!!! The big question here is, how long are you going to keep doing all the calling, the texting, the caring, the loving and the understanding? Really, no seriously, how long? Till when?

When people behave in a certain pattern for a significant period of time, chances are, that is who they really are and if they wanted to change they would have done so already.

Waiting is emotionally draining. It may seem like it takes no effort but believe me when I say it requires more strength mentally than you will need to become a wrestler. Are you ready? It would be better to be a wrestler, there is a certainty of reward.

Like I do say, am no counsellor. Just my opinion.

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