Relationships as it is are complicated even for couples residing in the same geographical sphere not to talk of long distance relationship.

Long distance relationships are not impossible but only a few out of the lot are able to sail through the trying times. While the reasons or practices for the success of long distance relationship varies from couple to couple, there are a few core values that can be generalized.

Communication is undoubtedly a key factor to the success of any relationship. Couples in a long distance relationship must make the effort of staying in touch as often as they can. Time zone difference can be a hindrance to this but that is what social media is there for. Briefing each other at spontaneous hours through text about the day’s activities is a great way to keep them in the know. There should be an agreed time for a phone call. Bare in mind that this time can change from time to time.

Try to have a common interest, that way you will always have more to talk about. Read, watch and listen to similar things. This will help to build experiences and memories regardless of the distance.

It is also very important to have a listening ear. There will be a lot to talk about, even some irrelevant details so be prepared to listen and do not show any sign of disinterest.

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