There are certain routine activities that become norm and often stems out of harmless acts. Despite the conscious negative effect such acts may have on us, it becomes had to break away from them; reasons being that it has been repeated so often that it feels right or because it serves as a haven. A bad habit no matter the justification we give ourselves is still a bad habit.

Bad habits regardless of how harmless they may seem are not easy to get rid of. Bad habits come about as a result of several reasons but the core is to fill a void(stress, depression or boredom etc). Letting go of bad habits is not as simple as saying, “Ok no more, I am not doing this anymore”. It takes more efforts and dedication than we anticipate.

When you decide to let go of a bad habit, it is best to replace it with a good habit. Bad habits satisfy particular needs in our life so it is more appropriate to replace them with more productive habits that addresses those needs. It is always best to avoid or stay away from things, people or places that can easily trigger bad habits. Likewise, it’s easier when there is external support. That way the burden becomes lighter since there is someone encouraging and helping you every step of the way.

I am not a psychologist but I hope you find these helpful. *smiles*


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