A life foretold
Predestined occurrences
Revealed by the Prophets
Even before he was conceived
Born of a virgin mother
A humble father
As little as he was
So harmless
Yet they sought his death
As gentle and tender
He was worshipped
From humble beginnings
Yet had great accomplishments
As it was written so he lived
His palace was on the mountain
The twelve were his subjects
He won the hearts of many
Was envied by many more
For no particular reason
But it was written
A king was ridiculed
On His face they spat
Little did they know that the
Man they were beating was their 
Yet he spoke no word
Born a low life
Lived a low life
But died a much lower death
However His name lives on
His throne still reigns
A king without a successor
For He still rules
Kingdoms come and go
Governments are overthrown
But this king 
He is the Living King
The only king who will sacrifice
Himself for mankind rather than 
Sacrifice mankind
From then, now and still to come
No kingdom can ever surpass your 
You reign, you rule, you died but
Living King
The tomb is empty
The chains are broken
Burdens are lifted
The King is alive
And He lives

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