It is evidently no new news that we live in a man’s world and this makes it really hard for a woman to breakthrough in any sphere of life. In order to overcome this stereotype, we must unite as women to make the world more woman friendly.

A woman can be her’s and her fellow woman’s own enemy and that is greatly uncalled for. We should be each others support system because the same challenges face us on a daily basis irrespective of our career path or geographic setting.

The jealousy, competition, sabotage and pull her syndrome is  really unnecessary whether in love, business or family. We can achieve a whole lot more if we join forces and quite certainly it will go a long way to take away some unnecessary pressure off our backs.

Let’s build a colony, an empire, a dynasty of strong, bold, independent women to inspire our young girls that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. Let’s make our voice heard as a force in confronting issues that affect us as women, like early child marriages, the education of the girl child, abusive marriages, rape and others.IMG_20170324_210814

Together as one, be bold and stand for change.

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