The African hair is a very stubborn one, it doesn’t surprise me that it’s called kinky. Very difficult to comb and maintain.

It really wasn’t and still isn’t a big deal when we had to transition from our kinky to permed or relaxed hair aside loosing the virginity of your hair because it was and is way easier to comb and maintain.

Now, however, there has been an evolution besides the Brazilian hair patronage and all, we are back to our roots with our natural hair craze. Where the wind of natural hair craze blew from I have no clue but am loving it.

African women both young and old are literally shaving off their permed hair to grow their authentic  African hair and  the next generation is buying into the craze.

Compared to the past, there is versatility now. I mean there is a lot you can do to your natural her to make it funky and chic.

Brace yourselves people it’s the era of natural hair (kinky). #natural hair rules.



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