I don’t deny that am a foodie, and fufu until recently is one of my favorite foods.

Fufu is a very popular dish in Africa, particular to the people of West Africa, precisely

Ghana. If you stumble by chance in any average Ghanaian home on a weekend, you will be amazed by the sound you hear from fufu pounding. Fufu requires a lot of energy and time to prepare and the energy and satisfaction derived from eating fufu is equally worth it.

So basically, fufu is just pounded cassava(boiled) and green plantain(boiled). The plantain is pounded first until it combines with an even texture and lump free,likewise the the cassava. The second phase is to pound both the earlier pounded cassava and plantain together until it evenly combines and has a soft texture that can be swallowed easily.

Fufu is best served with any soup of choice, but I prefer light/pepper soup.

#we africans love our fufu

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