šŸ’¬Language LearningšŸ’¬

For some of us, learning a language can prove to be an arduous task of sorts, even if you have the flair for language acquisition. I encounter many folk who tell me they wish they had taken their language courses more seriously and it makes me rethink my decision to give up every time I hit breaking point.

For one, as an Anglophone in a predominantly English-speaking country would mean that I’d go to school, learning English and one or two (local/foreign) languages (highly influenced by the school I attended).

Then, being an Anglophone in a predominantly English-speaking country SURROUNDED by French-speaking countries kind of switches things up. Never will I consider any foreign language better than any of the local languages, and my desire to learn a language stemmed completely from the fact that I was introduced to these languages at school.

Where to start :
Now that you have identified your interest in learning another language, you can now get  to work, circumstances of these times also means that you have just about enough time on your hands. What language(s) do you want to learn? Why do you want to learn such and such languages? What do you hope to do with these languages? That’s where you start, so you know that getting into language learning isn’t like taking a walk in the park.

The truth:
Language learning is difficult. There, I said it. It’s true! It is! However, it is up to you to make language learning more fun!

Basics or not:
To start with basics(for foreign languages especially)I would recommend Memrise, a language learning app I recently discovered which is doing wonders in my life! Another great app is HelloTalk, a platform which allows you to actually speak with natives of the target language, share posts, it’s like Twitter but with edgešŸ˜‰.

How to keep pushing:
I like to use technology to my advantage, and there is no one way to learn a language. Find out what’s best for you! You may be starting from scratch, you may have your basics at hand and want to start from somewhere it doesn’t matter! Also, music, music, music. Another great way to learn a language is through music.

I have found that when I start to recline my language seat and become lazy I literally hop onto YouTube and watch videos in the language I want to learn. It helps get back into the zone and I move on from there. There are(and I cannot stress this enough)thousands of language content creators/youtubers who go from basics to advanced, some professional teachers. Find one two or three who you can vibe well and voilĆ !

Learning a language IS dicey and is only as tough as you make it. Don’t try to put every grammar rule, every expression and every word into your head. Take it one at a time. You can do it.ā¤


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